With the growing interest in Cannabidiol Oil and the many health benefits that it brings, it is but natural for people to ask if the plant-based product is safe to use. Most concerns emanate from the fact that some supposedly medicinal plant products can still produce ill effects on its consumers. These dangerous harmful effects include palpitations, hallucinations, mind and consciousness alteration, and even addiction. The good thing, though, is when it comes to Cannabidiol Oil, there is nothing to worry about.

Hemp-extracted Cannabidiol Oil is perfectly safe to use.

Nothing to worry about CBD Oil

Cannabidiol Oil is derived from Hemp. But unlike its close cousin Cannabis, more popularly referred to as Marijuana, CBD Oil does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is the psychoactive substance that makes Marijuana a consciousness-altering medication. It causes intoxication, leaving the user feeling “stoned” or “high.” This substance likewise makes Marijuana a regulated substance.

CBD Oil does not contain THC, or if there may be traces of it since there is still that minute possibility, Cannabidiol does not contain levels that could affect a person’s consciousness. In fact, in the US Farm Bill that legalizes the use of Cannabidiol Oil, CBD remains a legal substance as long as it does not contain more than .3% of THC. CBD Oil is also legal as long as it comes from an agricultural producer that has been accredited to farm Hemp.

Almost No Side Effects 

What is also great about Cannabidiol Oil is that it almost has no side effects. Unlike other plant-based substances, CBD Oil hardly poses health risks when consumed the wrong way, or when one accidentally consumes an overdose. If and when there are side effects, the health impact is so mild and will not threaten a person’s wellness levels.

Some unpleasant body reactions, though, can still occur from time to time. Nothing to worry about, though, because some workaround solution can counter most of the effects that the consumer himself can do.

Recent studies show that these are some of the effects of using Cannabidiol Oil:

1. Dry Mouth. Research work has shown that the cannabinoids found in CBD Oil affect the production of the saliva of the salivary glands. The dry mouth becomes a normal reaction.

Since CBD Oil inhibits the secretion of the salivary glands, Cannabidiol enthusiasts advise consumers to hydrate themselves more often with either plain water or any hydrating drink. 

2. Possibility of drowsiness. There is a slight possibility of feeling drowsy upon the consumption of higher doses of Cannabidiol Oil. While the general expectation is CBD Oil can help energize a person, and leave him feeling awake, a higher dose can cause drowsiness for specific individuals. For this reason, CBD Oil Experts advise first-time consumers to refrain from driving or operating heavy and dangerous machinery before their initial intake or when they are trying to raise Cannabidiol oil dosage. If and when this happens, the consumer can lower the dose until such reaction goes away.

3. Changes in appetite levels. While some consumers report lower appetite levels and lesser cravings, some groups of users feel the opposite. Since every person may react differently, it will be important that this possible effect on appetite levels should be noted. If it is increasing the appetite, then eating a healthy diet and doing exercise could avert possible weight changes.

4. Lightheadedness. A person may feel dizzy or lightheaded upon consuming Cannabidiol Oil for the first time. Although this does not happen to everyone, research assures that it goes away immediately. It can even go away faster upon intake of coffee or any other caffeinated beverage.

Some CBD Oil experts attribute lightheadedness to the drop in blood pressure that occurs upon consuming higher doses of Cannabidiol. Since CBD oil is known to lower the blood pressure levels on hypertensive individuals, it can also exhibit a safe effect on individuals with low blood pressure levels. The good thing, though, is that everything is temporary.

Like any other supplement, it is also important to note that Cannabidiol Oil may also interact with other medications being taken by the consumer. It is best to consult a physician first when using Cannabidiol Oil for the first-time alongside existing prescription medicines.

Safe Doses

When it comes to safe doses, studies have shown that Cannabidiol Oil is safe for consumption even as much as 1500 milligrams per dosage. The usual dose of 300 milligrams per intake is deemed the most harmless, also for up to six months. Higher doses of 1,200 milligrams per consumption are safe even for up to one month.

The Safest Way to Consume

The safest way to avoid unnecessary side effects of consuming Cannabidiol Oil is to choose the CBD Oil source wisely. It is best to make sure that the product is extracted from hemp plants that are cultivated by a licensed grower. The extraction procedure should also be done excellently in a laboratory that has been tested and certified by a reliable third-party inspector. Moreover, certificates should be presented on the corresponding batch of products that have been purchased. Appropriate dosage meantime can be figured out by starting at the lowest dose possible. All the effects should be noted and observed for a week before trying to raise the treatment. Each person can react differently from CBD Oil, and so first, users should be aware of the possible health impacts it may bring.